Monday, June 6, 2011

パッチワーク Patchwork 


After a lapse of ~~~~years, I opened up my box with all my cotton materials to start my patchwork again. Joining a group of Japanese ladies who are all addicts of patchwork, it's so fun as they exchanged ideas, chit-chat, eating cookies, drink Japanese green tea and also on and off, latest updates on where to buy nice materials and tools.
This is my first piece of patchwork which I started using remnant from previous projects.
Will post the finished table mat once it's done...hopefully next week.


old dog learns to blog? said...

Yo !! Nice cozy corner ! I like the layout of yr new blog.

old dog learns to blog? said...

Kung Hei! Kung Hei !

old dog learns to blog? said...

Can I join as follower ?