Sunday, July 8, 2012

Library Books from Charles Sturt Library at Westlakes, Adelaide

I borrowed these books from the library at Westlakes to read.
Since I don't have a scanner here so I took photos of those designs I like and kept them in the USB.
Only the older issues are for loan but not the recent ones.
Yesterday I found  Japanese Quilt Blocks to mix and match by Susan Briscoe at the shelf.
One glance at her book and the difference between traditional patchwork patterns and Japanese patchwork patterns can be seen clearly.
Looking up for the book shop to order this book at the internet and found that Amazon got the cheapest price.
I asked my younger sister, Christine from U.S. to order the book for me and immediately she confirmed done. 
I am now waiting anxiously for this book when Christine comes to Malaysia.

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